About Our Authors

Bliss Gordon

With over fifteen years of retail operations and management experience, Bliss Gordon is a recognized industry strategist and workforce management consulting expert. Mr. Gordon’s currently drives retail strategy for Axsium Group. In this capacity, he sets the vision for services to help retailers improve their customer service strategy and omnichannel objectives with workforce productivity goals.

Bob Clements

Bob Clements is Senior Vice President at Axsium Group and leads its global retail practice as well as Axsium’s marketing, service strategy, and other growth initiatives. In the last two decades, Mr. Clements has established himself as one of workforce management’s most influential thought leaders.  He is a frequent contributor to industry magazines, he is often interviewed by the press to comment on the latest industry trends, and he regularly speaks on webinars and at industry events.  Today, Mr. Clements sits is a board member of the Workforce Institute, a workforce management think tank that helps organizations drive performance by addressing issues that affect both hourly and salaried employees. In his current role, Mr. Clements helps clients understand how workforce management can drive better business performance.

Dave Markley

Dave Markley is a Vice President in store operations overseeing financial and labor analysis for an East Coast retailer doing in excess of 25B in annual revenue. Mr. Markley is responsible for increasing productivity which results in both top and bottom line improvements to the business. As a seasoned workforce management leader, he has overseen the implementation of several WFM systems, including the design of a highly sophisticated scheduling

Eric Bass

Eric Bass is an SVP of Store Operations for the largest family owned and operated upscale department store in the United States. With a commitment to superior product availability and customer service, Mr. Bass has been instrumental leading the organization through a productivity transformation reflective of the brands continued experiential focus and financial goals. Mr. Bass has a reputation, internally, for making complex fact based decisions with an unmatched layer of creativity, all while being primarily responsible for driving workforce productivity.

Eric Scoretz

Mr. Eric Scoretz is currently Senior Director of Labor Management for a large food retailer. With over twenty years of retail experience, Mr. Scoretz led the implementation of an enterprise workforce management solution with a forecast and standards driven wall-to-wall scheduling model to nearly 1,000 sites and 115,000 employees. In addition, Mr. Scoretz managed the complete redesign of the retailer’s labor model across multiple merchandising formats.

John Summers

John Summers serves as Senior Vice President, Retail and Consumer Experience for Canada’s largest bookseller. In this leadership role, Mr. Summers has overall responsibility for driving sales, enriching the employee experience and delivering a fulsome customer experience in all of the brand’s outlets.  He has also been integral in helping evolve the operational transformation of the stores: from a traditional bookseller to a store that delights Canadian book lovers with a range of products and services tailored to their lifestyle.  Among the different operational transformations that have been deployed in the stores, Mr. Summers led the rollout of a strategic time and attendance and leave management program which saved the organization significant spend in overtime dollars and, most importantly, was positively received by the store associates.